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Pale and Dishevelled Looking Lindsay Lohan Arrives At The Los Angeles Airport To Catch A Flight

Lindsay Lohan looks spaced out and pale, sparking renewed fears for the troubled star’s health.

The actress also appeared bloated, sporting a double-chin as she arrived at Los Angeles airport to catch a flight.

Her dazed eyes were particularly evident when she attempted to hide her peepers as she turned up at the terminal.

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Lindsay Lohan Talks Working At The Morgue, Comeback & Romance on Today Show (VIDEO)

Lindsay Lohan’s full “Today Show” interview aired on Thursday, as the scandal-plagued actress sat down with Matt Lauer to talk about getting past problems and what lies ahead.

The star said she’s made changes in her life, such as shedding some of the people who used to surround her and contribute to a lifestyle that repeatedly landed her in court.

Lohan also discussed making a “comeback” at only 25, going through the process of “proving herself” professionally, and what to expect from her “Saturday Night Live” stint this weekend.

Lohan talked about the “humbling” experience of working in a morgue, and why she’s avoiding romantic relationships right now.

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Jordin Sparks: I Taught Whitney Houston How To Dougie

On Thursday, Jordin Sparks hit the red carpet at the 5th Annual ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon, speaking publicly for the first time about her late “Sparkle” co-star Whitney Houston. But, in an exclusive, sit down interview with Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson, the “American Idol” shared some of her most memorable off-camera moments with the late superstar.

“One thing folks didn’t realize about her was her sense of humor, that she was really funny. Tell me one of the funniest things that you remember about her or something she said to you,” Shaun asked.

“We did. There was a moment where…. she was blasting gospel [on her iPod] and then for me, sometimes I would put it on and [she said], ‘Teach me how to Dougie!’” Jordin said of Whitney’s request that the former “Idol” winner show her some dance moves.

“[There was] one night where we were all just waiting for the camera change and we’re all upstairs and I put it on and we start moving and we’re getting up and Whitney’s like, ‘OK,’ and she starts Dougie-ing and we’re all Dougie-ing. It was this crazy moment and it was just so funny,” Jordin recounted.

“Was she good at it?” Shaun asked.

“She was, she was very good… It was just so funny and it was it was a kind of crazy, out of body experience because I’m looking at her going, ‘This is Whitney Houston,’ you know, regal, Whitney, and here she is just getting down and it was awesome,” Jordin said. “It was amazing.”

Jordin said she was “awestruck” often on the “Sparkle” set.

“Even after filming for a couple of weeks I was still just in that awestruck stage at moments. Like it would hit me, ‘I’m standing across from her right now.’ And she was always just so sweet,” Jordin said.

“Sparkle” will hit theaters on August 17, 2012.

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