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Kelly Rowland Breaks Down In Tears While Speaking About Whitney Houston During Interview

Kelly Rowland broke down in tears during a recent interview in which she revealed memories of her idol Whitney Houston.
The ‘Motivation’ singer made an appearance on Access Hollywood earlier this week and recalled her first audition with the rest of her Destiny’s Child bandmates before they became famous, in which they sang a song by the late singer.

Kelly then sent out a message to the media, asking them to allow Whitney’s distraught daughter Bobbi Kristina to grieve properly without intrusions and hounding her when she eventually returns to the spotlight.

“The media should calm down. Allow this to be a moment for Bobbi Kristina to have for herself. Leave her alone!” she said in an emotional plea.

“Let her have her moment. This is not about anybody else. She’s lost her mother, and [Whitney Houston’s] mother has lost her child. Respect that.”

Letting her emotions get the better of her, Kelly then became teary and added: “My prayers go out to Bobbi Kristina and [Whitney’s] mother [Cissy Houston]. I don’t want to cry. I want to be strong for them. I think when it comes to privacy, we should respect theirs.”

Whitney Houston passed away on Saturday at the age of 48, which also happened to be the same day as Kelly’s birthday.

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Kelly Rowland Releases Steamy Video for ‘Keep It Between Us’

Kelly Rowland heads to Paris for a steamy romance with actor Lance Gross in her new ‘Keep It Between Us’ video, which premiered today on her website.

The video opens with shots of busy streets and the Eiffel Tower, establishing the setting as the romantic city of Paris. Kelly sits on her bed, flipping through photographs of her and a lover. The scene is cut with flashbacks of the couple walking around the city, snuggling, stopping for coffee and enjoying themselves.

Based on the fact that Rowland obsesses over old photographs, the ‘Keep It Between Us’ video could be a tale about lost love, but it’s more likely a story about an ongoing relationship, since the song is about being faithful to a special someone. Rowland sings, “So don’t give your love away / And I won’t give my love away / Let’s just keep it between us.”

The clip also includes shots of Rowland in a tight, cutoff sweater standing on a hotel balcony with the city behind her — a beautiful visual in more ways than one. Near the end of the video, viewers are treated to a few tender shots of Rowland and her lover in the bedroom.

‘Keep It Between Us’ appears on Rowland’s latest album ‘Here I Am,’ which also produced the hits ‘Motivation’ and ‘Down for Whatever.’

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Kelly Rowland: ‘Baby Blue Ivy is absolutely beautiful’

Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s daughter Blue Ivy is one seriously good-looking baby.
Don’t believe us?
Just ask Beyonce’s Destiny’s Child bandmate and bestie Kelly Rowland…
“She’s absolutely beautiful!” Rowland gushed to us at last night’s Hpnotiq Harmonie and Live Louder 2012 Kickoff cocktail party at the W hotel in Hollywood. “And I say that with such a huge grin! I’m so excited.”
Rowland debunked reports that she and Destiny’s Child pal Michelle Williams serenaded little Blue when the two recently met the 2-week-old. “We all just stared at her,” she smiled. “I just stared at her. She is so beautiful.”
The singer stayed mum on what kind of baby gifts she got the little one. “That’s between me and Blue,” she said. “But you best believe her auntie will have her dressed to impress.”
And yes, Rowland agrees that baby Blue will have some serious skills when it comes to singing. “She was on her dad’s record ["Glory"],” she laughed. “Her first feature is like two days old! So yeah, she’s musical.”

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