Shemar Moore Goes Shirtless In Miami Beach, As Expected, The Ladies Go Crazy

CBS recently doubled his Criminal Minds salary to an impressive $100,000 an episode.

But Shemar Moore had more than money to smile about while displaying his ripped gym body in Miami Beach earlier today, the TV hunk was literally surrounded by bikini babes.

The handsome 42-year-old was clearly enjoying his summer break from shooting the criminal series where his FBI agent character Derek Morgan specialises in ‘fixations and obsessive behaviors.’

And who wouldn’t obsess over Shemar’s practically-perfect chiselled form without an ounce of body fat, as no less than five voluptuous women in bikinis surrounded the hunk on the beach.

Wearing a trilby hat, the former Soul Train host kept his T-shirt where it belonged, in the back pocket of his low-slung G-Star trousers, revealing his blue and green printed bathing suit underneath.

As he strolled in the Miami sun, Shemar flashed a peace sign and carried along his own refreshment – a bottle of Corona – despite an open glass container of alcohol technically being illegal in Florida.

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