Awww… Kanye and Kim Step Out in Coordinated Black and White Outfits

Everyone knows that a couple that wears matching outfits is serious.

Remember David and Victoria in their matching PVC leather in the 90s?

How could you forget?

And now ‘Kim-ye’ (yep, we’re trying to make that catch on) have cemented their status as a fully blown couple by wearing matching monochrome.

The pair were holding hands as they headed to a dinner hosted by Chanel at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

But despite being all coupley on two dinner dates recently ( read about the other one here ), neither Kim Kardashian nor Kanye West have confirmed or denied they’re an item.

And although Kim’s sister Khloe said on a talk-show:

“I don’t think it’s serious. I think it’s too soon. But because they’ve been friends for so long, it’s just so easy and that’s something I love seeing for Kim – the easiness and how happy she is. And it’s just more of a great friendship and friendships make the best relationships.”

Oooh that sounds serious to us.

Kim wore a dress that looked a bit like something we used to own from C&A, and Kanye wore a Christmas jumper and slippers.

He needs to get those babies monogrammed! Preferably with a KK.

We bet Kim’s ex Kris has a few dressing gowns still lying about at her place.

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It’s official! First they were holding hands, now Kim and Kanye co-ordinate outfits
She’s already worn his initials on ear-rings but now Kim and Kanye have made their biggest declaration of love yet by going all matchy-matchy